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Become a smarter trader with our one-stop source for all your charting, trading and social-networking needs. Analyze and forecast movements faster and more accurately in our cloud-based platform.

Unlimited indicators

Personalize your analysis, customize your charting indicators

Select from 100+ built-in technical indicators to identify trends and turning points to trade. Create your own trading systems with up to 6 indicators per chart. Set up custom indicators and see other traders’ customizations, to discover new ways to fulfill your goals.

Unlimited indicators

Connect to your brokers for faster trading

Quickly, easily place and close Forex positions directly from your stock market, Forex or crypto charts. Connect up to 6 live or demo trading accounts from virtually all major Metatrader4 (MT4) brokers - so you could never miss an opportunity again.

Integrated brokers

Spot market opportunities with faster, smarter charts

Our unlimited custom workspaces, with up to 6 charts per workspace, couple with multiple time frames and configurable chart styles so you can analyze the Fibonacci levels, trendlines, support levels and more that you need. Our Smart Analytics tools, customizable scripts and more shave hours off your analysis and reduce manual errors.

Analyze Forex, crypto and stock markets anywhere

With SmartTrader, you can monitor, analyze and trade in multiple markets from any modern browser. Access more than 8,000 stock, Forex and crypto symbols along with charting tools. Network with thousands of traders. And sync your computer, phone and tablet so your analysis is always available.

Real-time data and must-have alerts give you an edge

Quickly act anywhere, anytime - with a customizable market watch, economic calendar, news, and alert widgets, SmartTrader enables faster, more confident trading decisions. Let data and real-world updates drive your moves with email, text or browser-based alerts - and automatically execute Forex trades when predefined events occur.