SmartTrader User Guidelines and Community Rules


SmartTrader provides users with professional level tools for analyzing and trading the financial markets. We’re committed to creating an open, fair and truly collaborative community of successfully savvy traders by encouraging users to share trade ideas and provide valuable feedback to their peers. But be advised, this is a NO TROLL ZONE, so before we banish you from this super sweet and successful group of traders, please read over our user guidelines:

User Guidelines - Account Names and Avatars

When choosing your SmartTrader user profile name / display name, please remember that it must not:

  • Contain a website's name, email addresses or contact information.
  • Impersonate someone else or company trademarks or products.
  • Suggest that you are a moderator or a SmartTrader employee.
  • Be offensive or inappropriate.
  • Contain profanity.

Your SmartTrader user Avatar can be anything you’d like, as long as it:

  • Is not offensive or inappropriate.
  • Is not discriminatory in nature.
  • Is not overtly political in nature.
  • Does not contain erotica or nudity.
  • Does not impersonate or ridicule someone else.

SmartTrader reserves the right to reset any user's display name or avatar for failure to adhere to these rules.

User Guidelines - General
  • Users may have only one SmartTrader account.
  • English will be the "public" language and should be used for all public posts from SmartTrader users.
  • Do not post any form of advertising, direct marketing, or solicitation.
  • Do not post any form of offline personal contact information.
  • Do not post content that is not your original work, or that infringes on the copyright of another.
  • Do not post controversial political, discriminatory, or threatening remarks of any kind. Hate speech or personal attacks will not be tolerated. (So, NO trolling)
  • Do not post links to, or reference content that may contain viruses or malware.
  • Do not post illegal content, erotica, pornography, or nudity.
  • Do not post or spread rumours, unsubstantiated information, or unsourced news. Posts related to news events should include a source for verification and corroboration.
Community Rules - Posting Comments
  • Avoid non-trading related posts and comments.
  • Encourage and facilitate open dialog and avoid monopolizing or dominating the conversation.
  • Do not use profanity or offensive language of any kind.
  • Do not be unnecessarily confrontational. Respect for members of the community is a must.
  • Do not post ideas or comments that do not support the existing conversation.
  • Do not post the same chart over and over without any changes.
  • Do not post trade calls without charts showing the analysis.
  • Do not brag or boast about your trading results.
Account Suspension and Banning

Breaking our community and general account rules can lead to an immediate account suspension. Suspensions can range between 24 hours to 1 month depending on the offense. Generally, first time offenders will receive an initial warning and all repeated offenses will incrementally increase the amount of time of the suspension.

Repeatedly breaking our community rules may lead to a permanent ban from the SmartTrader community.

Community Rules - Publishing Ideas and Trading Scripts

When a user creates and publishes an idea or script, it is placed on the SmartTrader Social Sharing Platform. All publicly shared ideas and scripts are accessible on the SmartTrader platform at,, or through a direct link. A user's shared ideas or scripts can be managed under the “manage ideas” portal in the charts. Published ideas are indexed by filters on the site. Premium ideas or scripts are only shared within related courses.

When creating and publishing ideas or scripts, users should remember that the best ideas should be detailed, descriptive, interesting, meaningful, and easy to understand. All published ideas and scripts must:

  • Be related to the financial markets and contain useful information. Avoid repeating basic information such as news events, or economic calendar dates.
  • Represent original work.
  • Be free of advertisements, logos, websites, company names, announcements, or Facebook pages.
  • Add value to the community and not create conflict.

Updates to existing “Ideas” should be specifically related to the originally published idea, and may not contain links to webinars, Facebook pages, videos, or links to pages that require registration or offer trading services.

Using “Ideas” or "Scripts" to complain about policies, air grievances, or disparage another user’s ideas, scripts, or analysis is strictly prohibited. SmartTrader reserves the right to remove any posted idea or script that violates these conditions.