SmartTraders have shared their feedback on several issues involving the Cloud-based investment and trading platform.

Based on that feedback, the SmartTrader technical team has worked diligently to enhance the look and feel of the site, as well as the functionality of many of its features.

SmartTrader makes its most recent technology release March 15, which promises to enhance trading efficiency and overall user experience.

Improved connection for Stocks leads the way in this next release. Streamlining data calls and decreasing the load on SmartTrader web services should help improve stability of the SmartTrader platform, while also providing improved customer satisfaction.

Full-screen view will now be available for the bottom Trading Panel, allowing better visibility for traders as they view charts and research information.

The right-side Trading Panel has also been extended, and the chart menu icons have changed for quicker, more convenient management of charts.

Several bugs have been fixed for trading, the measuring tool and the Welcome modal.

Additional updates include:

  • Custom Indicator settings will now recognize all indicators and values
  • Customers now have the ability to set an alert, change symbols, and the “Global Alerts” area should display an alert with the original symbol and condition (i.e., The alerts will not change currencies or type unless the customer changes it.)
  • The customer now has the ability to run an alert from the Matrix Window
  • Symbols are now added on charts when using Compare dialog
  • Customers now have the ability to download the BTC to $5,000 via mobile and still scroll through that chart.
  • A redesigned Play icon for shared Trading ideas
  • An acceptance checkbox to the checkout page, which is a new requirement by Merchant Account
  • History data and prices are updating on secondary feed after log out and log in
  • Colors of chart information and indicator names are now changing according to the chosen theme in Global Settings
  • Updates to our SmartTrader Terms & Conditions

As with all technology, there will be continual updates and enhancements. Keep sharing your feedback about SmartTrader as you use this powerful platform to let us know of the items you wish to alter or add in order to heighten your trading and investment experience.

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