What’s happening, SmartTraders? More changes are on the way to help make your experience a rewarding one.

Improved efficiency and great visibility to trading opportunities highlight the most recent round of product updates for the SmartTrader platform.

The latest round of enhancements, effective March 22, promises to fix a few nagging bugs in the system, while delivering more reliability to SmartTraders across all asset classes.

Now, trades will flash red when users wish to close them. The bold color change eliminates any ambiguity or uncertainty when closing trades. When you see read, the trade is… closed.

A scrollbar has been added to the Market Watch panel drop-down menu. This provides greater convenience and efficiency when reviewing Market Watch data.

The ‘Manage shared ideas and scripts” modal will now expand to its full size. By expanding the size of the workspace, you’re given greater visibility to your trading opportunities without the annoyance of information windows blocking your view.

Color-coded profit/loss. The Net Profit/Loss (P/L) feature at the bottom right side of the webpage will be colored green or red depending on the status of the account. It’s a quick, easy-to-read, color-coded update of your positive or negative performance within your trading account.

Updated FAQs. The SmartTrader Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page has been updated and will now be visible regardless of the application in use. It’s always handy and ready to access no matter where you are in SmartTrader charts.

Other SmartTrader enhancements include:

  • Microsoft Edge browser performance improvements
  • Implementing solution for Six-Figure performance issues (When using in 6 or more charts actively.)
  • Implementing solution for charts freezing when using extended Smart Trendline.
  • Matrix Stop/Limit, which presently defaults to pips, will not default to rate instead.

These product updates are based on SmartTrader user feedback, so we appreciate your suggestions. The goal for all updates is to enhance SmartTrader platform performance and create a more enjoyable customer experience for all SmartTraders.

Click here for a comprehensive list of SmartTrader product updates.